What is Baby-Hunch.com and who is a babypool for?

What is Baby-Hunch.com and who is a babypool for?
Of course, that's a great question! We're happy to explain.

Baby-Hunch.com offers a fun and easy online tool for your family, friends, and others to join a baby pool.
With this baby pool, they can guess various characteristics of your expected baby, such as gender, hair color, eye color, weight, and more.

Take a guess!

Take a guess!
Once you've started a baby pool, you can invite anyone you want via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. Each baby pool gets a unique link that you can easily share.

Participants can join by entering their guess, name, email address, and a personal message. Their prediction will then be added!

The baby is born, what now?

Then the fun part begins! As soon as the baby is born, you can easily notify us through our website.

Using the form, you provide all the baby's characteristics. Our system then automatically calculates, using a specially developed algorithm, how many points everyone has earned in the baby pool.

And then... you have a ranking! Here you can see exactly how many points everyone earned and their final positions.

A Beautiful Memory for Later

A Beautiful Memory for Later
But it doesn't stop here. We have developed something even more exciting. After filling in your child's characteristics, you can choose to have us compile all the data, scores, rankings, and more into a completely personalized and unique baby pool booklet.

To make this a cherished keepsake, we have asked all family and friends in advance to leave a personal congratulations or message. They can also add a photo of themselves that will be printed in the booklet.

In short, this way you have a wonderful personal memory of your baby pool forever. More information about this booklet can be found on the special baby pool booklet page.

What does it cost?

You can try a baby pool with us completely free of charge and without obligation. All functions are available. During the free period, you can view the first 5 participants. All additional participants are hidden.

If you choose to upgrade your baby pool to a premium pool, or even better, a premium pool with a booklet, you gain access to all participants immediately.

The cost for a premium pool is a one-time fee of €4.95. If you choose a premium pool with the booklet, it costs €24.95. Additional shipping costs apply: go to shipping and delivery.

If you still have questions after this explanation, feel free to get in touch via a contact message, Facebook, or chat!