Start your baby guessing game

Start your baby guessing game

What is a baby guessing game?

Baby guessing games are a fun way for family and friends to guess characteristics of your baby, such as gender, height and weight.

Have family and friends guess at:

  • Gender
  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Eye color
  • And much more!

Whoever guesses your baby's characteristics most accurately wins the baby pool!

  • Personal messages from participants
  • Personalized baby pool booklet (optional)
  • Fun during your pregnancy
  • Over
    have already taken part before you!

Fun statistics

Here you can see the statistics of our baby pools. As you can see, our unique baby pool is hugely popular. Don't wait any longer—start your own today!
Girls VS Boys
Popular names
1. Otis
2. Zoë
3. Nina
4. Daan
5. Maurice

A cherished keepsake after birth

A cherished keepsake after birth
Hosting a baby pool and seeing all the guesses from your family and friends is incredibly fun, especially if you already know the name and everyone is trying to guess it!
But once your baby is born, the baby pool ends. It would be a shame to forget about it and never see those predictions again, especially since participants often leave personal messages and even pictures.

We have the perfect solution: a unique, personalized baby pool booklet. You can order it whenever you want, and we’ll create and print it for you after your baby is born.

Sounds fun, right? If you want to know more about this booklet, click the button below for more information.